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mother in law has a 2yr old spayed female heeler, problems from start , over feeding ,confined to indoors not enough exercise, compulsivly would eat bags of raw hide chew bones untill gone (as if were a meal) suffers from alergys,heat spots near tail area, as to date dog weighs 90lbs,very aggressive around other pets, often snaps at faimly members when given a command, dog is given proper daily amount of feed, yet hardly eats, to over weight to care about exercise, if any one has this type of issues with their pet please respond

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Comment by Silvia Jay on July 16, 2008 at 3:30pm
I recommend to consult an experienced dog behavior expert who is well versed in stress related behavior problems and positive reinforcement training and rehabilitation. Compulsive behavior is rooted in stress; aggression is rooted in stress, insecurity and confusion. Allergies can also be stress related but also food. I recommend a as natural as possible diet that is corn free. A holistic veterinarian or a good natural pet store can help you with that.
Heelers can be assertive with other pets, and can be independent. Often bond strongly to one person to the exclusion of others. That does not mean that they can't be around other animals and snap at family members.
Heelers also need a job. Mental and physical stimulation.
Please seek help for this dog. Any confrontational training methods will make this do worse.

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